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Information about our District
Cassia County Joint School District 151, the 9th largest district in the state, encompasses most of Cassia County plus small portions of Oneida and Twin Falls Counties. Within these 2,500 square miles are 16 schools with a total enrollment of 5,000 students. All schools are on a semester schedule and are accredited through the Northwest Accreditation Association and/or the State Department of Education. The district employs certified staff of over 320, 85 of whom have advanced degrees. Ancillary and auxiliary personnel bring the total number of employees to about 650.

School sessions begin in late August. Dates of registration are announced each fall through the local news media. Preliminary registration for high school and junior high students are held in the spring when possible. Registration for kindergarten is held each spring. Verification of birth and proof of immunization are required for kindergarten registration.

According to Policy #520, children registering for kindergarten must be five years old by September 1 of that year to enroll in kindergarten and six years old by September 1 to attend first grade.

Information about our Schools
New Secondary Schools opened in Burley (1999), Declo (1998), and in Oakley (1997). New elementary schools opened in Burley (1995), Oakley (1992), and Malta (1991). A new Professional Technical Academy opened in Burley (1998) along with a Newcomer Center (1998). There are eight elementary, four junior high, and five high schools.

Students are to attend the school specified for their attendance area unless a transfer is approved under provisions of district policy. Attendance areas for Burley elementary schools:

  • Dworshak: Students in grades 1-3 residing east of Overland Avenue up to and including 250 East.
  • Mountain View: Students in grades K-3 residing west of Overland Avenue.
  • White Pine: All students in grades 4-6 residing west of 250 East.

The district is utilizing technology purchased with state, federal, local funds and contributions, for instruction, communication, and administration.

Instructional programs include computer-assisted instruction, integrated learning systems, appropriate computer based tools, telecommunications, computer literacy, electronic office training, and hardware installation training.

This technology is meant to prepare students and educators to access information, analyze and organize information, and produce and distribute creative solutions in the curriculum.

The district provides appropriate use of the Internet and has developed a policy to utilize this information in the instructional process. We strive to provide up-to-date equipment and provide teachers with training so technology will improve education for each child.

Special Services
Special Education programs in the district serve students from the severely handicapped to gifted. Students are placed in the least restrictive environment as determined by their I.E.P. (Individualized Education Plan). Many are mainstreamed into regular classrooms; others receive help in resource and self-contained classrooms. Related services include speech therapy, physical/occupational therapy, psychological services, psychosocial rehabilitation and homebound instruction as needed. Programs for gifted and talented students are provided for qualified 5th-12th grade students. Our goal is to facilitate a quality experience for all students in all activities related to their educational program.
Federal Programs

Federal programs provide a rich source of supplemental services to meet special needs of a variety of students. In an attempt to become more effective and efficient, schools are "blending" services and combining programs into one package where personnel deliver instructional assistance for:

  • Title I:Basic reading/math skills in all elementary schools.
  • Title I Migrant: Curriculum needs of migrant students and their families.
  • Title VII Bilingual: Students whose "home" language is other than English.
  • Eisenhower: Professional development of the teaching staff.
  • Title VI: Provide assistance in planning, purchasing, and implementation of new technologies in classrooms.

The District offers a wide variety of programs and activities. Music, art, drama, yearbook, newspaper and drill team are but a few of the outstanding programs offered in the district. Orchestra is offered in Burley beginning with fifth grade. The band program begins in sixth grade and continues through high school. Some of these programs have received state and regional recognition for excellence.

Athletic departments promote individual physical fitness and recreation for life.

The competitive sports program includes football, basketball, volleyball, wrestling and track at all high schools and baseball, soccer, golf and tennis at some.


The district is committed to providing the best possible education for the taxpayer's dollar. State tax dollars provide approximately 60 percent of the funds needed for school operations. Local property taxes supply 15 percent, federal funds 11 percent, and other local funds comprise the remaining 14 percent.

Because local taxpayers desire to provide a better education for students than is allowed by local property tax limitations, the district has operated for several years with a supplemental levy. This levy provides additional funds to improve education and to attract quality teachers.

The district's current market value of real property for assessment purposes is $852,837,548.

Voters approved a Plant Facilities Reserve Levy in 1988 which provided funding for new schools in Malta, Oakley and Burley. Voters approved a General Obligations School Bond in 1996 of $21,940,000 which provided new secondary schools in Oakley, Declo, and Burley, additions to the secondary school in Malta, and a regional technical center in Burley. Major improvements continue to be made in existing facilities.

Privacy Act

In accordance with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, the Cassia County School District, Number 151, of Cassia hereby gives notice to all parents, legal guardians, and students eighteen years of age attending the Cassia County School District schools, that the following information is being categorized as directory information: the student’s name and photograph; address; telephone listing; date and place of birth; photographic images of the student participating in regular classroom or school authorized activities; participation in officially recognized activities and sports; weight and height of members of athletic teams; dates of attendance; degrees and awards received; and the most recent previous educational agency or institution attended by the student. Directory information will be published and released by the District without prior consent of the parents, legal guardians, or students 18 years of age or
older, unless the parent, legal guardian, or student 18 years of age or older notifies the District by September 27th, that the above mentioned directory information should not be released without prior written consent of the parent, legal guardian, or student 18 years of age or older.

Such notification should be in writing and addressed to the Special Service Office;
Michele Knopp; 3650 Overland; Burley, Idaho 83318.


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